Powdered Zeolites are Superior

“When properly prepared as an oral supplement, zeolite can provide detoxification support to the human body to rid itself of heavy and toxic metals with minimal or no side effects. This can include applications to address lead, mercury or radiation poisoning.”

The Zeosure Advantage

Our US mined clinoptilolite is found and and packaged in its original powdered form, as nature intended. Research supports that powdered clinoptilolite is the most effect form of the mineral to aid in the safe excretion of heavy metals from our bodies.

Zeolites & Mercury Removal

Zeolites have been used in industrial heavy metal removal for years across multiple industries. This research covers the effectiveness and mechanical reasons of why zeolites are so useful in the absorption and removal of mercury. Although set in a controlled industrial setting, one can make the comparison to how our bodies also act as reservoirs of heavy metals and how the introduction of zeolites into our systems will result in the absorption and excretion of unwanted heavy metals.

How Zeosure Works

Hint, zeolites are negatively charged while heavy metals are positively charged. . . zeolites are a natural magnet in both attracting, trapping and leaving our bodies while still holding onto their heavy-metal passengers.

Uses of natural zeolites in agriculture and industry

“External application of zeolite powder has been found to be effective in the treatment of athlete’s foot (100) and to decrease the healing time of wounds and surgical incisions (101, 102). Although no systematic study has been made, anecdotal information from three mining operations in the United States indicates that the cuts and scrapes of mine and mill workers exposed to on-thejob zeolite dust heal remarkably quickly. In Cuba, it is common practice to dust the cuts of horses and cows with clinoptilolite to hasten the healing process.”

Zeosure is Clinoptilolite

The main component of Zeosure is a naturally occurring mineral that is proven to help animals and plants thrive under multiple conditions and various scenarios. It’s safety and effectiveness are unchallenged in the scientific community and we are confident that the clinoptilolite you get with Zeosure will aid in the removal of impurities present in your body and aid your well-being.

Anti-Cancer Research & Clinoptilolite

Development of modern industry causes increasingly serious pollution in the environment where human live in, constituting a catastrophic health risk including cancer. Anti-cancer is thus one of the challenges faced scientists in 21st century in the realm of life science, and removal of carcinogen from environment is an important step. Nitrosamines are probably the most widespread carcinogens, existing in workplace, processed meats, cigarette smoke and beer, and even are produced in the stomach by reaction of secondary amines and nitrite (NO 2 ) both taken from foods. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to trap the nitrosamines in gastric juice provided a selective adsorbent material is employed. To seek this functional material, zeolites are considered as the best candidates.